Who We Are


Pictures tell stories, that’s what they’re meant to do.

Not just look gorgeous or interesting, they have to convey a message, particularly in the context of advertising.

It’s our job to help you tell your story in the clearest, most succinct and memorable way. So while we could list our accolades and achievements, we’d prefer for you to explore our past successes, letting our body of work speak for itself and tell you all about our story.

99 Productions is a forward thinking business.

We believe the future of production is adaptability; finding the perfect solutions for each and every job. We know that producing great content comes down to the approach.


You can’t launch into every brief in the same way, using the exact same in-house talent over and over, regardless of a project’s scope. That one-size-fits-all mentality doesn’t do justice to the client’s vision.

We use an adaptive model. We don’t have talent on our books that we are locked into using. We have freedom of choice, with an evolving network of impressive talent that we expertly curate. Being adaptable means we match the right people to the right job and deliver on budget and on time.

Not all briefs are created equal, but we always provide a winning solution regardless of size or scope. Most people hate problems – we love them. They bring out the best in us and in our work. We are unique. We are adaptive. We are 99 Productions.