A good producer needs to not only see all of the moving parts, but also how they harmonise. Our core team of Senior Producers have an extensive background in advertising so we are in a unique position, we understand both sides of a project from the client’s needs to how our collaborators achieve their best work. We don’t believe there is a singular approach to a problem. We know how to assess a campaign from all angles, taking it from just a twinkle in your creative’s eye to the glorious finished product.

We specialise in all aspects of stills production, but the increasing demand for video content has allowed us to branch into video production. As an adaptive business, our level of involvement is based solely on your needs and your budget. Staying on budget is crucial, that’s why we have the skill and capacity to shoot both film and stills on the same day.

It’s that kind of no nonsense practicality that sets us apart. We form our responses purely on what your requirements are, bringing together all the moving parts, the talented crew, the sets, the faces, places, props, and permits.


A core component of our business is the people we choose to collaborate with. That doesn’t just refer to our clients and suppliers, it also covers our casting. We have a wealth of experience in casting and a veritable library of faces, from the beautiful to the unusual and every expression in between.

We know the types of faces that work well with advertising and our reputation with solid street casting has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from other casting agencies.

Our unique approach to the casting process also means our services are in high demand. We manage every aspect of the process, from call-outs and casting sessions to bookings and fee management.

Our in-house casting studio and image and video management system gives us the competitive edge so that we can deliver client ready presentations that are curated to fit your needs and make sure the approval process goes as smoothly as possible.


We all know how the saying goes – ‘Location, location, location.’

It’s true though, especially when working on a shoot. You have a few seconds at most to reinforce your tone and message with the right environment. The right location is the key to pulling off a successful campaign and we have an extensive local knowledge of Melbourne and Victoria and are always scouting for new and unique creative backdrops.

Briefs can often be vague in terms of location, fortunately we excel at reading between the lines in the briefing phase to source the kind of locations that clients are thrilled to discover. From urban backdrops to rural fields and everyday places and spaces, we can source the perfect location for your needs.

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